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Sell your land in 3 simple steps


Get a consultation

We’ll review the property and go over all possible solutions for you.


Receive a fair cash offer

After discussing with you, we will send you a no-obligation offer, usually within 48 hours.


Get paid via a Reputable Title Company

Once you accept our offer, we begin the closing process. Immediately upon closing, the title company sends you the funds by wire or check.

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    5 reasons to work with us

    Take the guesswork and hassle out of selling your property


    We’ll buy your land as-is, in its current condition. No further time, worry or cash outlays to sell your property

    We do all the work

    We cover the paperwork and handle the legal complexities, and everything in-between

    No fees

    You won’t pay any fees, commissions or closing costs of any kind

    Close fast

    Close on schedule and get your cash quickly

    Experienced partner

    We provide guidance throughout the process, sharing experience gained from acquiring dozens of properties each year

    Why sell your land?

    Would you prefer to have the money and need to liquidate the asset?

    Do you have cash tied up in land, land that you don’t use or enjoy?

    Has the land become a burden, something that you have to manage and worry about?

    Is there some other way you could invest or use the cash, instead of it being tied up in the land?

    Are you tired of paying taxes and upkeep? And bearing the risk of getting liability claims?


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Yes, we always work with a reputable title attorney or title company. This creates a safe and secure transaction, protecting both the seller and buyer.
    • The title company also holds our funds in escrow and sends you a wire or check immediately at closing.   

    We pay for ALL closing costs, fees and expenses. We pay for any back taxes (within reason). We pay for title company expenses, recording fees, escrow fees, etc. If we require a survey, we pay for that too. You don’t pay for anything related to the sale. The price we offer you is the amount we pay you.

    No hidden fees. The price we agree to is the price we pay. You receive a check or wire for that amount.

    There is never an obligation or hassle. Once you tell us a little about your property, we can circle back to you soon with our offer.  It is completely up to you if you decide to sell or not. There is no risk, obligation or hassle.

    Absolutely, give us a call at (704) 741-9678.

    Not a problem!  We provide remote closing services with local title companies. There is no need for you to be physically present in order to sell the property.

    We run a title examination at our expense on each property we purchase to determine if any title issues exist. We have experience working with complicated title issues and can often find a solution to clear up problems.

    If you have other questions feel free to reach out to us